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Commitment to Quality

We, at Xiamen Yahanda Technology Co., Ltd. provide and maintain a quality control system to an industry recognized Quality Standard. All our products like modular welding fixture system, steel welding tables, hydraulic lifting welding tables, accessory for welding, etc. are produced in-house to extremely precise standards and tested for its reliability, safety and performance. Our quality expert keeps a record of all inspection work and clients can see our records any time. The professional inspects all work at reasonable times, during manufacture and before dispatch to client's location. Our products set the standard with precision manufacturing and latest designs.

Products at a Glance

With over 80 people in 26 production plants, we can ensure our following products meet quality and safety standards for tooling and welding applications:
  • 3D Modular welding table and fixtures system
  • D16/D22/D28  3D/2D Welding table (Steel & Cast iron)
  • D16/D22/D28  3D/2D Octagonal welding table
  • D16/D22/D28  3D Welding table with hydraulic scissor lifter
  • D16/D22/D28  3D Welding table with rail base
  • D16/D22/D28  Supporting tools
  • D16/D22/D28  Locating tools
  • D16/D22/D28  Clamping tools
  • D16/D22/D28  Locking bolts
  • D16/D22/D28  Auxiliary tools
  • Modular welding fixture system
  • 3D Welding table
  • Flexible welding table
  • Hydraulic lifting welding tables
  • Accessory for welding
  • Welding fixture
  • 3D Casting welding table
  • 3D Welding table clamping system
  • Modular welding table system
  • 3D Welding work-bench
  • Robot 3D work-table
  • Common fast fixture
  • Non-standard welding equipment
  • Robot automation
  • Common welding equipment
  • Customized mechanical parts, precision parts.
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Toggle clamps
  • Industrial robot
  • Cutting equipment
  • Welding machine
  • Welding consumption material
  • Other welding related products

Our Services

Apart from providing precise products, we also render professional, convenient & economic services, such as:
    • Designing Welding Solutions
    • Configure Welding Table
    • Fixturing Tools
    • After-Sales Services
    • Equipment Installations

    OEM & ODM are welcomed

    Production Facilities

    We have developed 26 production plants in Xiamen, wherein, we strive to execute operations like research & development, production and sales of 3D Welding tables and its related fixing and clamping accessories. We have 80 employees, collectively working the plants to design, manufacture, and sale of products. The manufacturing units are outfitted with machinery, like

    • Boring-milling machining center/size 16mx4m/2sets, size 2.5m*10m/ 4sets
    • CNC lathes/8sets
    • CNC milling machine/8sets
    • other special machines /4set
    The raw materials such as alloy steel, cast-iron, plastics, etc. and the final products are safety stored in our in-house warehousing facility.